Unique Intuition Genius Activation

3-Week Awaken Intuition Activation

Spiritual Initiation Course

Awaken Intuition Activation for a Wealthy, Healthy, Fulfilling, Impactful Life!
Offer Length: 3 Weeks – Hourly session – at 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Pacific Time each week for 3 Weeks.

This healing method channels the energy and vibration of the Creator of the Universe to and through you.

Do you want to attract more clients, sales, and abundance easily?

Do you want to have more ease in relating with everyone who comes on your path and/or in your relationships?

Do you want to discover who you are at the core and reconnect with your Divine Self so that you can confidently lead any conversations, whether it is business or personal relationships, at a deeper level for a greater outcome?

I help you connect with your Divine intuition to clarify your life’s purpose easily and gracefully.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to let go of the distracting chatter in your mind and Free yourself from fear, doubt, worry, negative thought patterns, and disempowering beliefs?

We help you to create a positive, loving, and peaceful mindset even when you are under pressure by listening to your intuition and Deeper Divine Guidance so that you can manifest your desires more easily and be able to finally know which path or idea is likely to be the most prosperous for you. 

By tuning in to your deeper Divine Guidance on a higher frequency vibration, you can hear the messages coming from the Creator to you more clearly to help you build trust and make powerful decisions and connections that serve you and humanity. The message is always to love yourself and others and make all your connections on a heartfelt level.

Imagine how it would feel to be able to have this Spiritual Activation so you can finally change your life and others’ for the better!

The Intuition Activation is a 3-week program. Week One, we go into the Silence to prepare you for the Intuition Activation, Week 2.  I am a Vessel Channel for the Creator to Activate Your Intuition energetically. In the 3rd week, you get to read my energy or send me a message to be sure your intuition is activated.