Soul Purpose Reading Session

SOUL Readings with Dr. Ida

Intuitive Guidance for Love, Money, Success, Health

Manifest Your ALL!

I offer SOUL Readings as an opportunity for you to receive answers, remove blocks, create powerfully, and manifest what you desire.

In SOUL Readings with me, my clients often find the answers to life’s big questions:

What is your purpose? Why you are here?

What is blocking you?

It would be my honor to support you 1-1 to receive clarity on your next steps and break free of the ways you are stopping yourself.

In a 1-1 SOUL Reading with me, you will,

  • Clear the way to new aligned possibilities and manifestation of your soul’s intention for your life.
  • Connect with the energy of your soul’s essence to experience a new sense of inspiration and motivation for your next steps.
  • Tap into your inner guidance and your “Records of Life” (the blueprint to the essence of who you are) to receive answers and get clarity. 
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1-1 SOUL Reading with me today.

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Leave your SOUL Reading able to manifest your desires more easily, feeling connected to your purposes and the bounty that’s available to you.

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