Unique Intuition Genius Activation

Get Clarity & Divine-Guidance

Know which path or idea will lead to your desired results and be the most abundant for you.

Turn on your “Miracle Magnet”

Manifest without struggle and open to allow the Creator to manifest through you.

Harness your Personal Power to Heal

Heal your body, your relationships, and your money-wounds.
Ready to free yourself

from uncertainty, worry and disempowering beliefs holding back your health, relationships or money?

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I’m Dr. Ida Greene, The Soul Whisperer Coach

Our intuition is the elixir that flows through every cell in our body.

Our intuition Is a part of our Divine Self, our High Self.

Is fearless, abundant, and prosperous

Knows nothing about disease, problems, self-doubt, confusion or conflict

We all have intuition. However, we must activate this energy for its divine, energetic, loving rays to radiate into the world.

I help spiritual women use their intuition to elevate their business and life.

It would be my honor to show you how to use the power of your intuition to CUT THROUGH the ways you are stopping yourself!

I’ll show you how to use your intuition to have fulfilling relationships, manifest your desires, own your power, feel valued and loved, answer your soul’s calling, and live your purpose! 

Unique Intuition Genius Activation

Create the life you’ve always dreamed of & show up as the most confident version of yourself daily!

Ready to get results like these?

Here’s what you get

Module 1 - Program Overview to Activate Your Intuition Go Into the Silence

Understand how your logical mind is holding you back. Tap into your intuition to access to the bounty of all that’s available to you.

Module 2 - Intuition Activation

Focus on your Intuition

Module 3

Read the Energy of Others/ Dr Ida Greene


In addition to everything inside the Intuition Activation: Spiritual Initiation Program, I’m also going to throw in a BONUS Intuition Assessment session with me:

Tune up and jump-start your path to allowing, opening, and receiving more.

Experience the flow of more good in your life bypass your own blocks and immediately receive all that you need!

To join

Let’s connect 1-1 to discuss how the Unique Intuition Genius Activation can support you in getting clarity, turning on your “Miracle Magnet,” and harnessing your power to heal!

Book here: https://bit.ly/BOOKDrIda. I’ll answer your questions and give you all the info you need to join the Unique Intuition Genius Activation Program.

I can’t wait for you to experience the life changes waiting for you!

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