The Webinar – at 3:00 PM PST

The Webinar (2nd Thursdays - 3 PM PST)

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Are you ready to let go of your doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs to create from an unstoppable version of yourself?
I’m Dr. Ida Greene, The Soul Whisperer Coach. Anything is possible when you tap into your God-self (your divine self / higher self). When you are connected to this unstoppable version of yourself, you can create beyond limits. Your God-self ALWAYS serves your highest and best interest and has access to infinite wisdom … while your brain is just doing its best with the limited information it has. I created this class for you to learn how to use the power of your intuition to CUT THROUGH the ways you are stopping yourself in your business. This is an opportunity to learn to tap into your intuition and connect with your God self to create powerfully and manifest what you desire. My deepest wish is that you advance your business and career because you truly feel your value, stand in your power to make decisions, and manifest from your God self.
During this interactive class with me, we will explore
3 Ways to Use Your Intuition to Manifest Business Success with Ease - 2nd Thursday of each month
Unlock Your God-Self

Mastering Self-Worth, Communication, Listening, and Manifestation for Business Success

I’ll teach you how to expand BEYOND your limits (including limiting beliefs) into your God-self, to manifest with greater ease through these four keys:


Rise above limiting beliefs to attract success: I’ll teach you how to expand beyond your human ego and the limitations of your left brain so you can be open to new possibilities and become more magnetic!


The key to open new opportunities in your work life: How to connect real and heartfeltly with others while you’re connected to your God-self so you can connect with people on an energetic level.

Vulnerability & Listening

Experience ease in communication As you listen TO & WITH your intuition, understand in a deeper way what your clients, co-workers, or bosses are saying.


Be in the flow of RECEIVING all you desire and want: So you can listen to and follow your intuition to make wise decisions so that you flourish in business.

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3 Ways to Unlock Your Intuition

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July 11, 2024 03:00 PM

October 10, 2024 03:00 PM

Dec 12, 2024 03:00 PM

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