Intuition Services



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Intuition Services

What is Intuition?

Our Intuition is the elixir that flows through every cell in our body. There is a sleeping giant within us and our intuition awakens us to it. Our Intuition is a part of our Divine Self, our High Self. It is perfect, all wise, all loving, all knowing, it is without fault, or judgment, fearless, abundant, and prosperous. It knows nothing about disease, problems, self-doubt, confusion or conflict. We all have intuition; it is given to us by God/Source. However we have to activate this Divine energy for its Divine energetic loving rays to radiate from our body out into the world. If you want to create a more peaceful, loving world this is the way to do it. I feel it is important for us all, to learn how to live from our “Divine Intuitive Self” because we become beacons of light, love, joy and harmony.

Why Awaken Your Intuition?Inner Guidance?

Statistic shows that 80% of our population is not using their intuition, to guide and direct their business decisions.  Can you imagine how your business and sales could improve with the use of your intuition, your inner psychic, which you have access to 24/7. With a little training you can develop and grow your Intuition to become your own business and Relationship Psychic.

You can trigger your intuition by asking a question, that you pose silently in your mind. Rhetorical questions are not good questions to ask your intuition. Rhetorical questions are by definition, questions that are not expected to be answered so they are not good to ask your intuition. For example, “I’m beautiful, aren’t I?  The biggest pit fall for messing up receiving true intuition is anticipating and looking for the answer you want from your intuition.  To find out if you are intuitive, take the quiz to find out Intuition Quiz



  • Intuition Magic -Basics: Develop and Grow Your Intuition 8 Week Group Coaching Program
  • Intuition Magic-1 on 1 Coaching 6 Month Program
  • Intuitive Business Diagnostic Session
  • Intuition Magic Spiritual Services-Angel Reading, Regeneration Energetic Healing, Inter-Generation Regression
  • Intuition Magic-1 on 1 Coaching VIP Day and 1/2 Day
  • Intuitive Business Diagnostic Session $497
  • Regeneration Energetic Healing $497
  • Guardian Angel Mini Reading $97.00
  • Past Life Trauma Birth To 18 years Session $797

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