Intuitive Strategy (Reading) Session

Grow Your Intuition to Grow your Self-Love, Self-Worth and Solve Your Life’s Problems

Ida Greene, RN, LMFT, DD, PhD is an Intuitive Life Coach Coach, for people who want to Grow Their Self-Esteem/Self-Love/Personal Power, Self-Worth/Self-Value to Allow Their Divine-Self to come forth through their Intuition/Inner Wisdom to Heal themselves, the Planet and Live an Abundant, Prosperous Life.

Our Programs provides guidance on how to Develop and Grow Your Intuition to Solve Your Life’s Problems, to stand strong in your Self-Worth, Self-Identity/Personal Power, Self-Love/Appreciation, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Confidence.

Our goal is help you move through the barriers or obstacles that keep you from being your best in all areas of your life. We guide you on how to get out of your way, to be your personal, professional Best Self and let your Greatness/Divine Self to come forth. Then you will see your vision, your purpose, for life to make your contribution to the world.

If you want results along with enjoyment, look to Your Journey to Loving Yourself Programs to lift you out of your ordinary daily happenings, to experience renewed energy, enthusiasm, and inner joy. We offer customized 1:1 Coaching Packages and Group   program for your personal freedom and soul evolution.

Our Spiritual Services are: Intuitive Consultations (sometimes referred to as a “Reading” connects you with your “Divine Self” and you get a message channeled by Dr. Ida from God/Source.  We have an Angel Blessing, a two hour Angel Readings, an Intergeneration Past Life Regression, Intuitive Business Diagnostic, Intuitive Energetic Alignment, or an  Intuitive reset of Your Natural Body Rhythm.  Click on the link for these services Now!   online   

If you have a specific question and need a direct answer to a question you can get a 15 Minute Intuitive Angel Blessing Message Now for $97.00  online   

Once you are ready to schedule an appointment Click the Button:  scheduling site=” To review your intuition quiz results with Dr. Ida Greene (Valued at $500)

Let us Help You Start Enjoying Your Self, Your Life and Relationships, through one of our services.  If You Would Like to Achieve Rapid Success, Enroll In our 1 year Coaching Program.