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Learn how to cultivate your inner psychic whether you believe in it or not so you can cleanse and heal yourself of harmful toxins, negative emotions, old limited thinking patterns to achieve a higher level of vitality, consciousness, intuition, wealth and personal fulfillment. Attend a 15-minute session with Dr. Ida for only $150.00.

Dr. Ida was amazingly in tune with the projects I have been busy with at work, my relationships, and the desires of my heart without prior knowledge. It was as though she had a clear window into my life. Dr. Ida could see where I could use assistance and tell me just where I was right on track. It is so rare to find a person as gifted as Dr. Ida. It is even rarer to find another whose talent is matched with great compassion and wisdom.

Juliette Wallen

Dr. Ida Greene was very accurate and on target in her Reading with my girlfriend and me. I recommend her to anyone who would like better clarity about their lives and their personal relationships.

J Goodwin

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