Intuition-Your Divine Self

Intuitive Messages

Dr. Ida Greene is dedicated to helping people live happy, healthy fulfilling lives. To help you find what is holding you back from living your true authentic self. She is known for her intuitive gifts and talents. Dr. Ida Greene has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform lives. She is a certified Life Success Coach, a certified Master Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Registered Nurse with a focus on Health, and Wellness. She is a licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist as well as an Intuitive Spiritual Coach and channels Messages from God and Angels. Coaching differs from Counseling/Therapy in that Coaching is goal oriented, takes place over the phone and has no guarantee to heal, it is outcome laden and is intended to bring about awareness and change.

One client shared: “Dr. Ida has the ability to see what is missing in your life, and quickly helps you achieve your goals.”
People are not where they want to be in life and they do not know why. It is because they do not know how to access all of their self. I have a program that helps you develop your intuitive gifts to create self love, and improved Self-Esteem to create a new you that is unstoppable and extraordinary.

I am a gifted intuitive Clairvoyant who channel messages fro Source/God. And I can help you develop your Intuitive gifts.

I have a process that can bring you from where you are, to where you want to go, so you will have more access to all of You. We help you change your old beliefs to grow your Divine Self, have healthy self love, create a new you that is aligned with your new  Self-identity, Self-Acceptance/Self-Respect, Self-Image, Self-Worth/Self Appreciation and Self-confidence

Coaching Can Help in the Following Areas:
√ Eliminate the roadblocks that stop you, from becoming wealthy, healthy and happy!

√ Define the true “YOU” — the powerful person you were born to be!

√ Utilize the hidden power of effective communication!

√ Use your physiology and mind to eliminate negative emotions!

√ Discover what has kept you from achieving success and learn how to fix it!

√ Learn what you truly want from your life and how to attain it!

√ Discover the keys to becoming a champion in every part of your life!

√ Create PERFECT personal and professional relationships!

√ Learn how to use the power of your subconscious mind!

√ Retrain your brain to Love, Success, Wealth and Happiness!

√ Eliminate the negative effects of stress on your life!

√ Learn how to use meditation to calm and relax your self!

√ Eliminate the root cause of negative developments in every part of your life.

Intuitive Coaching Session can be booked on our calendar below by calling Dr. Ida at 619-262-9951.

Our other Spiritual Services of:

Psychic Readings, Angel Readings, and Past Life Regression Sessions can be booked by calling Dr. Ida at 619-262-9951

*Our Spiritual Self: Spirit Guides, Guardian Angel, Past Lives*

God gave us humans many tools to help us on our journey through life. The human self has a an ego, alter ego, conscious, subconscious, personality and other parts. Our spiritual self is composed of Guides, Guardian Angels and Past lives. Our Spirit Guide is a very important figure because he or she guides us on our life’s purpose and what we agreed to work on in this life.

Each and every one of us has a spirit guide. Spirit guides can see what’s going on in our lives and they have many ways of guiding and protecting us.

Spirit Guides have existed long before the birth of mankind and will continue to exist long after the last human walks the Earth. They were given to us by God. Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit or the Comforter. He said He would send the Holy Spirit to Guide and Comfort his people. The Holy Bible, say some people have the gift of prophecy and others have the ability to interpret the message given by the Holy Spirit.

Spirit guides are known by many names. For thousands of years, man has been aware that there are powerful beings that freely cross the cosmos and are even capable of bearing messages from the Source.