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7 Reasons To Have A Coach

Often when we think of a Coach, an image of sports comes to mind, however, all of could use help in organizing, and managing our business, our relationship and getting balance in our lives, so that we are not all work and no play or all play and marginally surviving.  You would not think of taking a job without training, yet we live and manage our life in a haphazard manner with little or no structure. It is no wonder we feel unloved and unfulfilled.

There are many types of Coaches- Some Coaches work with corporations, others work with small businesses, some with Entrepreneurs, yet others focus on the many forms of relationships. Some coaches are certified and others are not. Coaches are not licensed as therapist, because their focus is more on helping clients reach goals they want to achieve, to get support by having the Coach hold them accountable to prevent procrastination or to stay focused on a task.

I am licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child, Therapist, because I coach parents of ADHD children. Your Coaching sessions with me can be individual or in a group. Most of our Coaching occurs over the phone, however you can have coaching by skype; and you get coaching in person, with the one year coaching program. It is a 2.5 hours, face to face coaching session, valued at $3,500.

Here are some reasons when you might want to use the services of a Coach

  1. The person who is confused about who they are and what they want in life.
  2. Women who have a history of being in abusive relationships, to take off their shackles and be in control of their power, so they can love themselves as no one else does and live a life of comfort and ease.
  3. People with low confidence who want to overcome it and try new things.
  4. An executive who wants someone to bounce ideas off of or keep him/her on track.
  5. Help women between the ages of 35-55, to take off the shackles of low self- value, to be in control of their power, so they no longer let others take advantage of them, and are able to love themselves as no one else does, to live a life of ease and comfort.
  6. A person willing to give up self limiting beliefs, behaviors and decisions.
  7. Women who are care takers-who take care of their children, their husbands and everyone around them; to own their power, so they can live a life of ease and comfort.

I give a complimentary 45 minute Coaching session to help clients decide if they can benefit from my coaching services.

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