Unlock Your Intuition Webinar 2nd Thursday 3 pm PST

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There’s a tough love question we all need to ask ourselves at some point-

Do you have a passion or do you have a business?

Yes, you have to love what you do, but I know you need to pay your bills and have a little financial freedom too!
That’s why we start in the first place right?

So while you may feel grateful that you get to do what you love, if you’re  not making enough money, you’re not in business. Period.

So why should you listen to me?

Because I have a PhD in people.

As a licensed therapist, I have spent the last several years studying the psychology of communication between people. And I realized that the principles don’t change.

People need to be heard. They need to feel safe. They need to feel understood. And when you can pick up on those things intuitively, you establish an instant bond that carries people down the path from “maybe” to “yes!”

There are tricks you can learn, ways you can read between the lines that will empower you to know exactly what your prospect needs to hear.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know on the upcoming webinar!

Title: Get the YES-3 Simple Ways to Use Your Intuition
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Date & Time: TBA at 2:00 PM Pacific
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