About Dr. Ida Greene, Ph.D

Awaken Your Inner Guidance Workshops, Coaching, Retreats

Dr. Ida Greene is a Motivational Speaker, licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, Ordained Minister, Registered Nurse, Intuitive, Self-Love Coach, Author of 22 books, Sales Trainer and Educator. She is a Reiki Energy Balancing Practitioner, EFT Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, and founder of Center of Self-Esteem.org, whose mission is to end violence and abuse of children and women. She provides training on: Self-Empowerment, Negotiation, Stress Management, Change, Domestic Violence, Etiquette, and Anger Management for children and adults. She provides: Self-love Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners on strategies to grow yourself so your inner and outer self is congruent, to help you master your personal power. Dr. Ida Greene has been providing these powerful and insightful skills to clients for over 30 years. Schedule Your Complimentary Intuitive Strategy Session by clicking HERE.